Interview with Tobias Lütke from Shopify

Tobias Lütke from Shopify

For all of you thinking about starting a small business or growing your business you know it is essential to learn from others that have been successful. Some advice is ok, while some others really touch you.

This NPR podcast interview with Tobias Lütke from Shopify is one of those that touched us. Why? He comes across as a genuine person as he goes on to explain how he started and grew Shopify.

It also resonated with us when he talks about the time he knew to really grow they needed to market the business—at 47:40. In 2009, they decided to try 5 different marketing efforts to grow the business to see what might work.

What they were most surprised about is they all worked. The three he mentions were Google Ad words, sponsorship a podcast and a book.

Below is the link to listen to the full interview.